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About DARLENE Project

DARLENE is a three-year EU funded project investigating how cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) technology can be deployed to help law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and first responders make more informed and rapid decisions especially in situations where time is of the essence. The project develops innovative augmented reality (AR) tools that aim to improve situational awareness when responding to criminal and terrorist activities. DARLENE will combine innovative AR smart glass technology and powerful computer vision algorithms with 5G network architectures to allow agile processing of real-time data by LEAs even in high-pressure situations. The project will also carry out an integrated ethical, data protection and social impact assessment of augmented reality tools to ensure compliance with ethics requirements and build public trust for the lawful use of technology.


Achieve real-time semantic segmentation to overlay useful information directly on top of the real world through augmented reality (AR) glasses and enable detection of objects and events (i.e. holding a firearm) without facial recognition technology

Enable officers to see the locations of people inside buildings through concrete walls with the help of internal devices and highlight additional information (friend or foe, in need of medical assistance) to reduce friendly fire casualties and threats

Demonstrate the potential and value of 5G systems in field trials and develop 5G radio deployment and network architecture options for the DARLENE AR-based law enforcement ecosystem

Develop a personalised Heads-Up Display (HUD) framework and companion smart band to monitor the users’ physiological state and improve situational awareness

Develop a robust legal and ethical framework for the DARLENE eco-system to ensure compliance and sustainability of the innovation with all relevant regulations and ethics principles

Develop a tutorial kit and training materials for end-user law enforcement agencies to support the wide dissemination of project results

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