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Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Conference

16-18 July 2021

Between the 16th and the 18th of July 2023, DARLENE participated virtually, at the “Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Conference”. The aim was to explain the technical aspects of AI and its implications for privacy-preserving big data technologies, and focus on how AI could be used in criminal proceedings, enabling the shift from a traditionally reactionary approach to crime-fighting to one that is more proactive and preventative in character. It also discussed possible solutions for remedying the risks posed by AI and robotics in the criminal justice domain.

Key topics:

  • AI and its implications for the criminal justice system
  • Using AI in criminal proceedings
  • AI to predict crimes
  • Facial recognition technology in policing
  • The use of AI in fraud cases

The online event joined defence lawyers, in-house counsel, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement authorities, civil servants and policymakers active in the field of criminal law. The online seminar was hosted on ERA’s own online platform.