Deep AR Law Enforcement Ecosystem


Envisioned as an AR system


DARLENE is envisioned as an augmented reality (AR)system for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and first responders, consisting of various technological components, which aim to enhance human physical and mental processing capacity to increase situational awareness and support tough decision-making under stress.

For law enforcement, situational awareness is a vital skill, often critical to the survival and safety of officers and community members alike. LEAs are therefore required to continuously work towards improving a situational awareness mindset. Integrating such a way of thinking with advanced technology, police officers can gain considerable advantages when dealing with dangerous situations such as criminal and terrorist incidents.

The basics of situational awareness can be described in what is called the OODA Loop, an acronym for the cycle ‘Observe, Orient, Decide, Act’. The approach clearly favours agility over brute force in devising a response based on making better, and faster decisions in order to outmanoeuvre the opponent. With this in mind, DARLENE will employ real-time situational awareness enhancing technology based on cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) tools. Augmented reality presents an opportunity to respond to threats in an agile manner, more rapidly processing visual information and decide to react to unfolding events.

DARLENE technologies will allow LEAs to take the initiative away from criminals and terrorists by developing a common operating picture for both on-scene personnel and their command staff based on data collected from various sources. Machine learning will help analysing large volumes of data acquired by multiple sensors in real-time, enabling more rapid and coordinated assessments of situations to support LEA decision-making. This can include scaling beyond the limits of human capacity to process scene information, and even shedding light in areas undetectable by humans (blind spots). It will hence combine cutting-edge technologies with ground-breaking research to deliver innovative tools for European LEAs to gain advantage in tactical manoeuvring scenarios by exploiting AR and machine learning together with 5G technology, and thus enabling them to stay one step ahead of terrorists and other potential adversaries.

The fundamental components of DARLENE consist of:

a wearable micro-computer module, capable of delivering performance and power efficiency needed for demanding visual computing applications, and


Cutting-edge smart glass technology, a head-mounted display (HMD) unit embedded with tracking and sensing hardware, capable of running virtual 3D rendering applications in real-time.

This basic system will further be enriched with wireless, mobile hotspot functionalities which will enable the use of a 5G network architecture. Complementing the wearable end of the DARLENE overall concept, smart bands will be handed out to field operatives to monitor physiological status, thus permitting the assignment of tasks to those who both mentally and physically best correspond to task requirements, as well as provide an additional layer of personalisation to achieve top performance.

DARLENE envisages that LEAs will be able to foster their situational awareness and enhance their ability to accomplish a variety of assignments by utilising state of the art AR technologies, machine learning and computer vision algorithms. To achieve this bold mission, DARLENE will analyse and interpret not only real-time optical and sensor image input obtained from the smart glasses worn by individuals, but will further process information gather from intelligent monitoring environments in physical spaces.