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DARLENE at the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection International Conference (CPDP)

25 May 2023

DARLENE presented/organised a panel at CPDP Conference 0n May 25, in Brussels.

New security technologies (including AI) are intended to promote public safety, security and increase societal resilience. At the same time, security technologies spur controversies and can have enormous societal, ethical, and legal impact. The DARLENE presentation topic “Inclusive co-designs and societal acceptance of emerging security technologies: Ambitions and best practice” features legal, ethics, and policy experts, as well as a law enforcement agency representative, who shared experiences on how to build an inclusive digital society, considering the role of integrated ethical, legal and societal impact assessments and an interdisciplinary co-design approach for developing and deploying new security technologies.

For that, two main case studies were presented: the H2020 project DARLENE, and Horizon Europe project TRANSCEND (also potentially drawing from H2020 SPARTA). The presentation focused on methods and results of meaningful citizen and end-user engagement to ensure that end-users, citizens and society as a whole can accept and effectively use cutting-edge security solutions:

  • What do impact assessment and co-design mean for new security technologies and why are they important?
  • What are useful methodologies for meaningful citizen engagement in the development of new security technologies for law enforcement and other first-response cases?
  • What are the ambitions, main results and lessons learned from the societal engagement activities in DARLENE and TRANSCEND?
  • How can we reconcile end-user needs and views regarding new security technologies with corresponding societal needs and concerns?

Organised by: DARLENE (Deep AR Law Enforcement Ecosystem) by Centre for IT & IP Law, KU Leuven / CiTiP + BE

Contact person: Isabela Maria Rosal Santos (

Workshop facilitator: Isabela Maria, Rosal, Centre for IT & IP Law, KULeuven/CiTiP + BE


  • Thomas Marquenie, Centre for IT & IP Law, KU Leuven/CiTip (BE)
  • Fabienne Ufert, Trilateral Research LTD, TRI (IE)
  • Evaldas Visockas, Lithuanian Police, PL (LT)
  • Michael Friedewald, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (DE)