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DARLENE Co-Creation Workshops with end-users

In the context of task T1.1 “User requirements and platform specification”, of the work package WP1 “Requirements elicitation, specification and platform architecture” of the DARLENE project, three co-creation workshops were conducted with end users, aiming to elicit ideas, requirements, and preferences for the DARLENE technologies. The workshops were carried out online in three different days: 30 November 2020, 1 December 2020, and 3 December 2020. The workshops were facilitated by FORTH-ICS, with the assistance and participation of CERTH and KEMEA.

Each workshop was structured in five main sections:

1. Discussion of the aims and objectives of the workshop

2. Warm-up activity, acting as an ice-breaker to stimulate discussions within the group.

3. Presentation of DARLENE and its use cases, to familiarize participants with the project.

4. Co-creation activities for each use case:

a. Desired functionality: identification of functionality that participants would like the DARLENE technologies to have.

b. Top functionality: voting on the most appealing functionality. 

c. Analysis of top-voted functionality.

5. Workshop evaluation.

Thirty end-users participated in total in the workshops, and engaged in insightful and interesting discussions about AI-empowered AR technologies for LEAs. A rich list of requirements was produced and will be used to drive the design of DARLENE technologies. Next steps will involve the analysis of the identified requirements, preferences, and ideas, and their elaboration towards the definition of concrete functional and non-functional requirements for DARLENE.