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DARLENE decision making system: Evaluation Workshop

4-5 October 2021

Α two-day evaluation workshop of the DARLENE system was organized at the project partner’s KEMEA premises, in Athens, Greece on October 4th and 5th. Twenty police officers from the Hellenic Police participated and interacted with members of the DARLENE consortium, using a prototype version of the system. 

The police officers who participated in the evaluation workshop were from the Immediate Response (Amesi Drasi), the Motorcycle Patrolling (DI.AS), the Prevention and Suppression of Crime (O.P.K.E), and the Special Suppressive Antiterrorist Units (E.K.A.M). Police officers from the aforementioned units are the first responders in crime incidents. A series of First Person Point of View (FFPOV) videos were presented. Each video introduced a security challenge to police officers, while information from the system was projected in the prototype glasses. The security first responders shared their expert opinion on the system’s functionalities. 

                                                           FFPOV security video without and with annotation from the decision making system


This interaction with LEA end-users is the first one of a series of planned interactions with end-users that the DARLENE consortium will host. It is noteworthy that personnel from the Special Suppressive Antiterrorist Unit will evaluate the system in a hostage situation scenario scheduled to take place at the Markopoulo training facility. The findings from the workshop will assist consortium partners to take into consideration end user needs and deliver a solution that fulfils the DARLENE vision.