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DARLENE Project Against Crime And Terrorism Kicks Off!

On September 21st and 22nd 2020, the DARLENE project ‘Deep AR Law Enforcement Ecosystem’ held its kick-off meeting (online). It is coordinated by Dr Dimitrios Tzovaras representing the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), one of the leading research centers in Greece with important scientific and technological achievements.
The meeting brought together 15 partners from 10 European countries:

  1. Centre For Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) in Greece
  2. Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) in Greece
  3. Centre Tecnològic De Telecomunicacions De Catalunya (CTTC) in Spain
  4. KU Leuven (KUL) in Belgium
  5. Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) in Greece
  6. Thales Six Gts France Sas (THALES) in France
  7. Trilateral Research Ltd (TRI) in UK
  8. eBOS Technologies Limited (eBOS) in Cyprus
  9. Youbiquo Srl (YBQ) in Italy
  10. Gobierno Vasco – Departamento Seguridad (ERTZ) in Spain
  11. Ministério Da Justiça (PJ) in Portugal
  12. Hochschule Fur Den Offentlichen Dienst In Bayern (HfoeD) in Germany
  13. Ayuntamiento de València – Policía Local de València (PLV) in Spain
  14. Cyprus Police (CP) in Cyprus
  15. Policijos Departamentas Prie Lietuvos Respublikos Vidaus Reikalu Ministerijos (LP) in Lithuania

The project consortium is formed by a well-balanced group of research organizations, industrial players, SMEs and end-users who will be leading DARLENE’s requirements elicitation process, and will be actively involved in the user evaluation and validation activities, as well as in conducting a series of training activities, thus acting as key enablers for the employment of the DARLENE technologies in the Law Enforcement forces against crime and terrorism attacks.
The kick-off meeting brought virtually together all the DARLENE partners, giving them the opportunity to introduce themselves and elaborate on their operational capacities, knowledge, and expertise. The discussion mainly focused on general management issues, on presentations of WPs and tasks from each partner and on the project’s procedural framework. The meeting was also attended by the Project Officer who talked about European Commission’s expectations from DARLENE.
At the end of the meeting all partners agreed that will join their forces towards providing an integrated Augmented Reality (AR) system for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), consisting of a variety of technological components, which aim to enhance human physical and mental processing capacity to increase Situational Awareness (SA) and aid in tough decision-making under various loads of stress. DARLENE will offer European LEAs a proactive security solution, which will provide detection and recognition, combining cutting edge technology and public security. The project will last 3 years and will conclude in August 2023.

The components of DARLENE will consist of:

  • an embedded micro-processing module providing the performance and power efficiency to run advanced machine learning algorithms
  • a head-mounted display (HMD) unit embedded with tracking and sensing hardware, capable of running virtual 3D rendering applications in real time
  • wireless, mobile hotspot transceivers, which will enable the CPU module compartment to act as a 5G access point
  • 5G digital cellular networks
  • DARLENE Artificial Intelligence (AI) back-bone cloud

Complementing the wearable end of the DARLENE overall concept, smart bands will be handed out to field operatives as a means to monitor physiological status, respecting all the European and national regulations regarding data privacy and protection (e.g.). Indications about LEA’s physiological status will assist in task delegation to those who both mentally and physically best correspond to task requirements, as well as in providing an additional layer of personalization so as to adapt the HMD visuals, assisting LEAs to achieve top performance.

The consortium will also develop a robust legal and ethical framework for the DARLENE solution to ensure sustainability and compliance of the project with all relevant regulations and ethics principles. As such, DARLENE will contribute to improving the confidence of citizens towards lawful and transparent use of AR technologies in law enforcement and public safety situations.

Overall, by using the DARLENE technologies, featuring Artificial Intelligence, as well as personalized and adaptive visualizations on the Augmented Reality glasses, LEA officers will be assisted in identifying friends or foes, abnormal activities, weapons etc.