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DARLENE Stakeholder Board meeting

21 February 2022

On 21 February 2022, the DARLENE project partner TRILATERAL (TRI) organized another Stakeholder Board meeting to share the latest updates about the DARLENE prototype and training workplan. The meeting was hosted and  moderated by Anjhana Damodaran of TRILATERAL, with two main presentations by project coordinator Nikolaos Dimitriou of CERTH, and George Margetis of KEMEA, joined by the members of the stakeholders board.

Firstly, for the DARLENE Wearable Edge Cloud Node (WECN) prototype updates, CERTH presented:

  • The updated architecture of the device.
  • How real-time analytics will adapt the decision making aids as per the measured stress level of the law enforcement agent (LEA) using the device.
  • Overview of the developed algorithms.
  • Computer vision analysis framework and operation.
  • Graphical user interface: widgets produced for each object of interest, with personalized contents for 3 different stress levels.
  • Experimental results: persons identified and pose segmentation.
  • User acceptance testing.

Secondly, KEMEA presented the Training Workplan:

  • Overview of training activities: physical, virtual and materials to be provided.
  • Train the trainers program.
  • Upcoming seminar and guided experience workshop.

The workshop concluded with a Q&A session with the stakeholders, and provide opportunities for stakeholder feedback to ensure the project meets end-user needs.