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DARLENE Stakeholder Board Workshop

21 October 2021

On 21 October 2021, the DARLENE project partners TRILATERAL (TRI) organized and hosted a Stakeholder Board workshop to present the latest news and updates about DARLENE, and provide opportunities for stakeholder feedback to ensure the project meets end-user needs.

In the first half of the meeting, the project coordinator, CERTH, presented the latest prototype of the DARLENE technology,  Among the most significant project updates is the latest prototype developed by DARLENE partners, which includes 3D humanoid models that can be integrated into live camera footage, and used in augmented reality (AR) displays.

Following the prototype presentation, project partner KEMEA engaged the stakeholders via an interactive survey and Q&A session about end-user requirements. The interactive survey by KEMEA was valuable in collecting stakeholder views on the various aspects and considerations behind the development of DARLENE tools.



                                                           FFPOV security video without and with annotation from the decision making system


The Stakeholder Board, managed by project partner Trilateral Research, consists of a diverse group of stakeholders, comprising end-users, industry representatives, and academics with expertise in AR, computer vision, and the societal impact of emerging technologies. The Board supports the project by providing valuable feedback as experts in thematic areas relevant to DARLENE. To maximise impact and uptake of results, partners will continue to engage Board members for independent advice and feedback.