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DARLENE Project featured in "Conference on new technologies applied to the Security Forces”

30 September 2021

On Thursday 30 September, project partner Valencia Police (PLV) held the 1st Conference on new technologies applied to the Security Forces at their Local Police Headquarters in Valencia. Two disruptive technologies were shown and tested: the first being DARLENE’s ‘Police Augmented Reality’, and the second was by the (locally developed) OCTOPUS simulation system ‘Tactical-police training in Virtual Reality’.

During the conference, DARLENE’s components, aims and use cases were presented. The event had both theoretical and practical counterparts. After the presentations, PLV demonstrated DARLENE’s solution through a real-ammunition exercise in the shooting gallery, which was streamed to the audience and finally Q&A was held.

Representatives from a total of 20 local police forces (headquarters and shooting instructors), as well as National Police Corps, Civil Guard and Regional Police attended the event. More than 85 attendees witnessed the theoretical and practical demonstration of the new technologies, and their use both in the Police Assembly Hall and in the Shooting Gallery.

Within PLV, the conference was organized and managed by Ivan Luis Martinez Villanueca, and David Mateo who was also the shooting gallery instructor. Among PLV’s own staff testing DARLENE’s technological solution was the Councillor for Security, the Chief of the Local Police Corps of Valencia, and several internal Chiefs. Supporting PLV in the event and presentations, is our other Valencian partner in the project YOUBIQUO, represented in the event by Valentina Senatore, Antonio Zanesco, and Giovanni Mannara.


The impact of the event was evidently huge, which paves the way for upcoming demonstrations and dissemination events.