LEA Cluster

Objectives of the cluster

Recognising that our projects have common stakeholders and similar objectives in supporting law enforcement against organised crime and terrorism, we have formed a cluster with these objectives:

  1. To share knowledge in order to support law enforcement against money-laundering, cybercrime, organised crime and terrorism, for example, by webinars for the partners in the cluster
  2. To leverage our dissemination activities by mentioning the projects in the cluster on our websites, inviting articles from the cluster projects in our newsletter
  3. To ensure the coherence and complementarity of our recommendations to the EC, LEAs and other stakeholders, as far as possible.
  4. To explore a degree of interoperability or compatibility between our technical platforms, modules and/or services.
  5.  To explore synergies, research opportunities and possible joint exploitation activities.

Projects in the cluster

Other H2020 projects