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Percorsi di Innovazione e Imprenditorialità

PLV attended the “Percorsi di Innovazione e Imprenditorialità” Conference, and presented DARLENE. The conference took place at the Federico II Technological Center of San Giovanni a Teduccio in Italy. 

This was an initiative selected and financed with 50 thousand dollars by the US Diplomatic Mission in Italy in order to promote collaborations between universities and businesses in Southern Italy. National and international experts addressed crucial issues such as local and global entrepreneurial ecosystems, the sustainability agenda, research and responsible innovation, energy transition and the valorisation of cultural heritage, taking into account the needs of businesses, especially in the aerospace, electronics, agribusiness and culture sectors. 

PLV was invited to present the synergies created in the DARLENE project between a public institution and the private sector, in particular with YOUBIQUO. Mainly integrated by academic profiles, 100 people attended the conference which was organised by the US consulate in Naples, the University of Naples, the municipality of Cava de’Tirreni, and our project partner Youbiquo, among others.