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Training of Law Enforcement Officers and Joint Evaluation Workshop

Between 21st and 22nd of November 2023, the DARLENE consortium, and specifically, PLV, organised the Training of Law Enforcement Officers and a Joint Evaluation Workshop at Valencia Local Police HQ, in València, Spain.

On the first day, the DARLENE partners invited LEAs to attend the training and become informed about the DARLENE technologies, as well as the ethical challenges and safeguards LEAs must bear in mind when using the DARLENE solution. They also received detailed information and training in regard to the WECN & SG glasses, and the DARLENE functionalities.

In addition, the DARLENE toolkit was explained in depth, and training sessions with the LEAs follow for them to test the DARLENE solution and provide their evaluation.

Both activities, with emphasis on the training activity, were promoted in different local TV channels, and the press.