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Webinar organised by 5G-EPICENTRE

26 June 2022

On June 24, 2022, 5G-EPICENTRE organised the webinar titled “Innovative 5G services and experimentation” to present the project and its goals to Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) community practitioners. DARLENE and its LEA partners participated to the webinar. 

The main scope of the webinar was to examine the project from a domain-specific viewpoint and present interesting applications and 5G-based PPDR services enabled by the 5G-EPICENTRE tools for experimentation. Therefore, four (4) out of the eight (8) use cases of 5G-EPICENTRE were presented from the end users’ point-of-view, aiming to highlight the added value that the LEAs would gain from the proposed solutions. 

The webinar was valuable for both projects in terms of information sharing and learning from each other’s best practices. More information regarding the webinar can be found here.